Doogies' Run
Bluff Creek Ranch, Warda Texas
18 March 2006

Marathon & Ultra Marathon Results
by Damon Nolan RD

1. Womens Marathon:
2. Meridith Terranova     TX  3:39:33
3. Melissa Rehl-Arro      TX  4:08:36
4. Pat Fick               TX  4:13:21
5. Teresa Bartnicki       TX  4:14:02
6. Melissa Bruner         TX  4:21:23
7. Kimberly Pilcher       TX  4:34:29

Mens Marathon:
1. Patton Gleason         TX  3:30:35
2. Caleb Marcinkovich     TX  3:30:35
3. Rick Hollis            TX  3:41:33
4. Chris Hearne           TX  3:53:19
5. Larry Teeter           TX  4:03:24
6. Donald Norman          TX  4:19:57
50 Mile Ultra Marathon:
1. Brad Quinn             TX  7:15:28
2. Seth Sturdivant        TX  9:14:57
3. Davey Harrison         TX  9:46:33

This inaugural event will be remembered for the wild extremes that Mother Nature threw at all the competitors. At the start there was a slight drizzle in the dead calm, and the temperature was too high for distance running. Many a competitor emerged from the woods at mile eleven looking like they were melting. But that was just a sampling of what was to come and the extremes they were going to endure. Not long into the second lap the winds came blasting out of the north and the temperature plummeted much to the delight of all, but with the cool winds came more rain. As the race wore on the weather again changed from cold and rainy back to temperatures that were creeping up too high for the 50 milers last lap. Despite the wild changes the weather was throwing at the runners they all carried on very well with no DNF's!

The womens marathon had the best race of the day. Pat Fick and Teresa Bartnicki came into the last 2 miles of the race only yards apart. Teresa slowly reeled Pat in and looked like she was going to catch her until the last uphill section. There Pat just lowered her head and kept her pace up while running into the wind and Teresa was only able to watch.

The Ultra Marathoners had Brad Quinn sprinting to the finish to the cheers of those around. Seth Sturdivant in his first ultra held onto finish with a very respectable 9:14:57 while Davey Harrison showed that the Wiley Coyote is having fun and finding out what “Warrior Burgers” are all about.